AVS Car Parts

AVS Car Parts (VWspares.co.uk)

I have been selfishly wanting to write this blog post for a little while, mainly so that I didn’t have to wade through the forum to find the link to the site every time I want to buy some quality spares for the Jetta.

AVS Car Parts

AVS Car Parts is an online VW spares shop that stocks pretty much any spare that you could need for a wide range of VAG cars. They stock parts from the mk1 Golf to the new mk7 and everything in between. The reason why I often find myself buying from AVS is due to them stocking a wide range of Febi parts, which are a quality substitute for original VAG parts where they no longer exist.

The cost of postage can catch you out, though if you bundle up a bunch of parts that you need and buy in bulk then it is not a problem. Postage itself is fast, with all of the parts being well packaged.

It would seem that the site has been redesigned recently, with some pages still being incomplete (check out the Shipping and Returns page). This seems to have effected a number of the images on the site, which can be a bit of a pain in the ass when shopping online, but if you are having an issue or need more info on the parts, just give the guys at AVS a call and they are always more than happy to help. Call on 01760 336933 or email on sales@vwspares.co.uk

All in all the site is great for all replacement parts that you might need for your VAG. If you are looking for modifications or upgrades, then this is not the place for you.


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