Japfest 2011

SWDubs has a habit for keeping hold of members long after they have swapped the German tin for something different and because of that there is quite a big Jap car following on the forum. One such member is Big Si who is currently putting together a bright blue skyline. This is a guest post by him about last weekends Japfest at Castle Combe.

Team Street Legion Roll Out

With my first visit to a Jap car show being Japfest 2010, and then consequently making the decision to buy myself a rice rocket (ironically buying a slow one which needed to be made fast) Japfest 2011 was the only real must attend show for me, along with the usual suspects, this year. Tapp (flatliner) got a stand booked for “Street Legion” and the pressure was on to get some presentable cars ready.

The Street Legion Stand

The Skyline was far from being finished, so I was kindly offered a lift by Lil (five) who was pushing a tight schedule to get the work on her EF Civic, Eddy, finished in time for the show. The deadline drew close, but with some real hard work and long nights alongside her boyfriend Brinn (ALI G) they managed to get little Eddy done in time.  A brand new set of wheels for both Brinn and Lil’s cars and they were ready. Tapp started the week before Japfest with a completely standard Civic VTi, and ended up taking a “typically Tapp” car, on the floor. Ryan, a friend of Brinn’s joined the “crew” with his OEM+ EG Civic loaded with factory goodies (leathers, air con, B16 etc).

Lil's Spanking Fresh Civic

Getting up at 5:30 having had only a few hours sleep due to being as excited as a kid at Christmas, an early start proved too early for some (Rice). At 6:45am, much to the disgust of the neighbours no doubt, the 4 civics left Exeter to make the bearable trip to Castle Combe in time to set up the stand and get track side for the first drifting session.

The Drifting Starts...

...And The Cameras Come Out In Force

A loud but uneventful trip up the M5 ensued with the passengers enjoying a nice early drink. Well I did anyway. Stopping only to empty our bladders of the numerous cups of tea and coffee *ahem lager* before we left to wake ourselves up, soon we were following signs for Castle Combe circuit with myself and Lil leading the convoy in Eddy. The small roads were singing the sound of civics bouncing and scraping along, all occupants enjoying the road trip and lovely sunny weather.

Recognise This?

Clean Civic Bay

After entering the show stand area and being directed into the wrong car park meaning sub frames and floor pans were dragged over a pretty huge speed bump, we then caused havoc with around 40 Colin McRaes (ignorant gammons). We set up the stand headed by Lil’s car which was soon drawing in the crowds. There was the usual half hour spent speed detailing, polishing lips of wheels and generally making the cars look as pretty as they did before we left. With all owners happy with how their cars were looking, we headed for Quarry as the drifting was on soon!

Team Falken/Japspeed G35 Skyline

Drifting session one was as you would expect a drifting sessions to be… loud, smoky and lots of sideways. The main entertainment came from the lads stood behind us coming out with some great lines, the favourite being:

“When I get home, I’m going on i-want-to-buy-a-huge-turbo-and-bolt-it-onto-my-car.com Something stupid like a lorry turbo, I don’t even care”

How they didn’t notice us laughing at them, I will never know.

Team Falken/Japspeed S15

As can be expected at a Jap show, there were many lovely cars built to a very high standard with hugely spec’d engines. As can also be expected at a Jap car show, there were plenty of over the top lairy rotters as well. Best part of Japfest is the show area doubles as the pit area so we were able to walk around having a good look at the awesome drift cars. Boyzone’s own Shane Lynch was in attendance driving for the Japspeed team. Unfortunately after completing only the spotting lap of sessions one, he experienced some sort of mechanical issue preventing him from driving so we were unable to confirm if he drives as well as he sings. (He does have a beautiful voice but he is no Ronan Keating! – Admin)

Insert Boyzone Gag Here...

So after a day of looking around some amazing (and some bloody awful) cars, watching some incredible drifting and a crash(!), the 7 of us, tired and drained, climbed back into the civics to make the (what seemed like) long drive home. A very long but very enjoyable day out in the sunny-ish, very windy weather with great company. This again confirmed, that Japfest 2012 will be a must. I WILL be taking the Skyline next year, even if the fecking thing is on a trailer!


Huge love to Lily five for the lift up, and to Brinn, Tapp, Dom, Tam and Ryan for making the day full of lols.

Roll on Japfest ’12. The rest of the pics can be found here

5 comments for “Japfest 2011

  1. May 18, 2011 at 9:35 am


  2. Lil
    May 20, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    I’ve not seen this swdubs blog before! But I just read through, and this write up is awesome Si! 😀 What an awesome day, bring on JF2012! Huge love xxxx

  3. brink
    May 25, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Excellent write-up Si…

  4. Gerald Hornsby
    May 25, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    I did not enjoy reading this. It was dull, lifeless and referenced the Japanese and the Irish.

    Can’t you do a feature on the good old Morris Marina or maybe an old Rover (RIP)


  5. Simon Dorey
    May 27, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    No way!! I was working up there. I was with Redbrick Racing, and their orange BTCC EP3 Civics, that were embarrasing the ‘big’ boys!! Should have come over and said hello!

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