Mk7 Golf GTI

New Mk7 Golf GTI is Out

It’s that time of year again where VW release a new GTI and we all wait for the reviews to see if Volkswagen have made a car that lives up to the legendary ‘GTI’ name.

First of all, lets have a look at the spec of the new GTI. Unlike the previous GTIs, the mk7 comes in two power options, a 220PS version and a ‘GTI Performance’ 23oPS version.  The GTI Performance pack also gives you bigger front breaks and a LSD (nice addition). The new car comes loaded with loads of tech as you would expect and has a starting price of £25,845 on the road.

I ma usual a fan of the new GTIs from Volkswagen (as you would expect from a man who runs a VW forum and site), but the reviews so far are far from blinding. but before that, lets have a look at the car in question.

Mk7 Golf GTI mk7-Golf-GTI


The overall opinion of the mk7 seems to be that VW have played it safe. From the power figures we can already see that there are a number of other ‘Hot Hatches’ on the market that boast more power and performance than the new GTI. I know that VW usually release a ‘R’ Golf later in the marks life, but even with that in mind the ‘king of hot hatched’ seems a little limp.

It does look good though :).

Now to see if Mann Egerton will let me have a go :).

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