74 Audi 100LS-A

Really early Audi’s seem to be a little thin on the ground these days, with many of the early models (50’s 80’s and 100’s) from the 70’s not making it to the present day (in the UK anyway). That is why when one comes up that has been restored to high standard it gains quite a lot of attention.

The 74 Audi 100LS-A in question was photographed by Michael Scholz and is one of the nicest early Audi’s you will ever see. I will let the images do the rest of the talking, but to seem more either visit Michael’s Flickr page or the Retro Rides forum page where I initially saw the amazing car.

Audi 100LS-AAudi 100LS-A FrontAudi 100LS-A Rear Audi 100LS-A Side

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