Audi S1 vs. Peugeot 205 T16 on the Peak

The Audi Motorsport Blogspot blog is a great resource for up to date race info and cool retro race from the good old days of Audi rallying and racing. One of the most recent posts on the clog looks at the epic battle at Pikes Peak in 1987, complete with the below video showing coverage of the event.

Audi Quattro Pikes Peak

As well as including the two main stars of the post, the video had shots of some of the other cars of the year running up the hill, invluding the legendary Lancia S4, the Metro 6R4 and even a twin engined mk2 Golf of the time.

The real stars of the video are the Audi S1 and the Peugeot 205. Both showing why they are now considered to be some of the best rally cars ever built and showing what pure power the cars had at the time.

Once the dust had settled, the mighty Audi S1 was the one standing victorious, but hell was it a good fight.


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