SWDubs Big Summer Meet 2013

After the success of the 2013 Jan Mega Meet, several people on the forum requested that we have a Summer meet as well. This seemed like a bloody good idea, given that at the last three Winter meets we have dealt with freezing conditions and Arctic winds to gather and look at each others pride and joys (I am talking about cars by the way).

SWDubs Summer Meet

There are a couple of issues when it comes to arranging a Summer meet though. the main one being the number of other big VW shows that are happening around the country in the Summer, meaning that if we chose a date for the meet that clashed with a popular event, we could see only a small number of cars and people. This would mean the meet would be a waste of time and that is just no good.

After a few suggestions on the forum, we decided upon a date that looked to be pretty free from all of the other major shows this year.

The next issue was the location. Historically we have had a couple locations for the meet, one being Exeter services. This is due to the central location of the services and the fact that it is very easy to find for those coming from outside of Exeter.

For the Summer meet we realised that we could have a big problem, with the services always being extremely busy this time of year with all of the holiday makers etc. clogging it up.  So, instead of having everyone meet at the services first, we arranged to have Budleigh Salterton as the only location for the meet. This was a risk, as it is not the most straight forward of places to get to, but I was pretty sure everyone was capable to finding there way to the beach on their own (we did lose a number of cars on the way to Budleigh the first year lol).

To make sure that we had some professional photos from the meet, I asked Chriz Quick to come along and do what he does best. And I was happy I did, because the quality of car and the number of people that made it was amazing.

The number of cars that made it down was not as high as the Mega Meet in Jan, but there where some amazing cars in Budleigh that day and some great people too.

After the weather forecast predicted showers I feared that I might be the only person at the beach, sat in my car wishing I had stayed at home watching TV, but once again the weather man was completely wrong and we enjoyed some Sun, sea and ice creams instead.

Anyway, I will stop jabbering on about the how, when and who and get down to the most interesting bit, the photos. I just want to finally say thanks to everyone who came along and made it a great day. There were so many different styles, make and model of cars there that it made the day more than just walking around and looking at some VWs. it was a truly great meet. Roll on January 🙂

Ash Mk1 Golf Ash Mk1 Golf and My A4 Ash Mk1 Golf Front 300bhp Fabia Stanced Cilo Slammed Audi A4Slammed A4 Wheel R33 Skyline Mk3 Golf BBS Mk2 Golf Mk1 Golf Roofrack Mk1 Golf Oz TurbosMk1 Golf Oz Turbos SideLow MX5 Low Mk5 Golf Low Mini Low E30 BMW Low Bora Ford Capri Corrado BMW E30 Low Bagged Lexus


For more photos from the day check out the thread on the forum

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