Retro Rides 2015 – Pre Show Buildup

It’s that time of year again and our yearly trip to Shelsley Walsh to join several hundred other retro loving enthusiasts for the annual Retro Rides Gathering show.

Last year was a great show with the organisers moving from Prescott Hillclimb to the oldest hill climb in the country, Shelsley Walsh, The move was mainly around the growing size of the event, with the show field at Prescott just not large enough to hold all of the retro metal coming in through the front gate. The write up last year shows the quality of the cars on show, but more importantly how good the weather was for the hillclimb on sunday. This year the British weather is looking considerably more, well, British.


retrorides weather


But hey, when has some rain every stopped the British from turning up in a field and and looking at car?

This year we have a nice group for friends making the trip up from Devon to Worcester to spend a couple days of beer, tents and rusty wagons (and some not so rusty too). Though there are more traveling up this year, we may have less cars going up the hill. There are a combination of reasons why, but one is that this year, for the first time, Retro Rides asked from people interested in running the morning session to book in advance. This of course was filled up in no time, but it has meant that the usual guys who have run the hill in our group will not be in their usual morning runs.

I really am looking forward to the weekend now that Friday is almost upon us. Though it is a little bittersweet, as the initial deadline for my Jetta build was meant to be Retro Rides 2015. Now, I know I am no restoration expert, but I am not sure the Jetta is quite ready for the show this year…


mk1 Jetta build


If you are coming this year and your see a balding, middle aged guy acting like a child, come over and say hi!

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