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Devon Dub Shack Does Edition 38 – Show Report

Before this report starts I want to say thanks to Dan at Devon Dub Shack  for taking the time to report on this years Edition 38 show. If you are looking for VW spares and services in the Southwest give Dan a bell. Take it away Dan… 

It’s that time of the year again, Edition time!

I look forward to this event more than I do Christmas!

Although the DDS Mk1 Caddy was just about to undergo its revamp, I quickly themed my daily work van to the DDS colour scheme.

Around twenty cars from Plymouth and the surrounding areas, met up at DDS at 7AM to get ready for the epic convoy to Northampton.

DDS Edition Meeting

The four hour journey went pretty smoothly, with a few toilet breaks taking place on the way. A few of the Plymouth ‘E38 veterans’ had left around 6AM, so had reserved us the same spot as last year, to pitch our tents.

DDS Edition Camping

With everything sorted and a beer cracked open, we set about enjoying the show and soaking up the atmosphere. The weather stayed warm and sunny, pretty much all weekend. It’s been text book like that since 2003, when I started attending.

Friday PM involved enjoying a few beers, having an initial look around the show field and catching up with some old friends and making some new ones! Daisy the DubShack bulldog was a massive hit, with her photo being taken about 100 times! Even Elliot Roberts, the editor of PVW and owner of Wheel Whores requested a photo shoot, as we bought her a ‘I love rims’ t-shirt! Check out the E38 report in PVW for the pic.

The cars this year were even better than last year, with the ideas and quality of craftsmanship being outstanding! One of my show favorites, was the R32 Mk1 Golf. The level of detail and amount of fabrication is out of this world! Even down to removing stock from stub axles, etc. to get the 10″ rims to sit mm perfect!

DDS Edition Mk1 R32


Here are a few pics of some of the cars that took my eye…

DDS Edition Audi A4

DDS Edition Cars

DDS Edition Porsche

DDS Edition 1800 16v Engine

DDS Edition Mk2 Golf

Obviously, I was being dragged around the show ground by a 4 Stone dog, so I didn’t get that many pics. There were a lot of new and unseen cars up there too, which is always a good thing. There were also quite a few from last year, which had had some subtle but trick little mods!

The Belgians are always the show leaders in my opinion, but the UK metal is getting right up behind them. It’s not only Europeans that attend the show either, more and more US visitors are making their way over now too.

The general feel of the show, is of a laid back, easy going atmosphere. All afternoon Friday and all day Saturday, there’s a DJ on a set of turntables, scratch mixing some old school, D’n’B, techno and modern day tunes, not too loud, behind the main stage. Grab yourself a beer, mosey around the show ground and growing number of trader’s show stands and you got an awesome day.

There’s an auto jumble near the entrance, which is very popular. Obviously, I spent a fair bit of time there, grabbing some bargains. 🙂

Each night, the beer tent becomes a small dance tent arena. The music is a bit heavier and faster, to compliment the amount of beer you’ve consumed all day. I’m sorry to say though, that this year, our group got caught up in some trouble. There was, what can only be described as a mosh pit / bullring, near the stage. Guys running into each other, to knock each other around, or over. Unfortunately, my wife received an elbow to the mouth, which knocked her over. A couple guys from our group witnessed this and things got a bit heated and security tried to resolve the issue. Needless to say, it ruined our evening and put a cloud over the event.

This is a new thing, as last year, we had such a cracking time with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Hopefully, because it was brought to security’s attention, they’ll try to prevent the mosh pit next year?

All in all though, if you fancy a totally chilled out weekend, with Europe’s finest VW/Porsche metal, Edition 38 is one to cross off your bucket list!

Hopefully see more of you SWDubbers there next year!

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  1. Tomo
    September 3, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Dan you should be a journalist! ; )
    I’ve never been but from the way you’ve worded this i am def there next yr as it
    Sounds like my kind of show!
    Hope the mrs is ok : )

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