Retro Rides 2014 Show Report

It’s been a busy old month or so for me with regards to shows and meets (read the Mega Meet Round-up here). This weekend just past saw the turn of Edition 38, one of the largest CW shows of the year and one of the main events of the VW calendar.

However, I was not there. Instead I decided to drive up to a small Hill Climb course near Worcester for the 2014 Retro Ride Gathering show. Now, I have been to this show for the last 3 years and have really enjoyed every year. This year was going to be slightly different though as it was moving location from Prescott to Shelsley Walsh.

Shelsley Walsh is not a small venue itself, in fact the main reason RRG 2014 was being moved from Prescott to Shelsley Walsh was due to the fact that they needed more room for the club stands. My only reservation was that the viewing of the hill climb itself was not quiet as good. For those of you who have been to Prescott, you will know that there is a great vantage point where many people can site on an open bank and watch a good third of the track. Shelsley Walsh however is a more traditional track, with a number of smaller viewing points that give a more limited view of the track.

Even though Shelsley Walsh’s viewing points were more limited and smaller then the main viewing point at Prescott, it was a fun, tight track that lead to some great cars being driven by some enthused drivers, easily entertaining all those who climbed the steep slope to watch.

As we were travelling up to Shelsley Walsh from Exeter, we decided once again to camp from Friday all the way to show day on the Sunday. Camping as a whole was well organised and the orchard used actually made for a pretty cool camp site. There were the usual antics during the night, but nothing too bad, and the ‘tat sale’ on Saturday night was great fun.

The Sunday came and the reason for the move to Shelsley Walsh became obvious. The club stand field was huge, with a huge range of different cars featured. There was no time to look around the stands in the morning though as two friends (Joe Ford and Tom White) were planning on running their retro Fords up the hill.

After getting up nice and early they both lined up to register and pay their £30 for their runs up the hill. We wondered up the (bloody) steep hill and many, many steps to get the to top S’s on the hill. We managed to get some pretty cool pics of the first two groups from the morning session that included Joe and Tom’s runs.

If I were to be critical of anything it would be that the second group in the morning sessions only had 2 runs. That makes for a quite expensive morning for those guys. It is a shame as it looked like it was mainly due to getting the cars back down after the runs and out the way of the next group. I think they were getting the hang of it by the time the afternoon sessions were running, but that did not help those in that second group. Here are the pics from the hill.


Astra-GTE Beniton-F1-Car bmw-2002 Dolimite DSC_0209 escort-van hearse hillman-imp jaguar Jag-xjs lancia-delta-racecar Lancia-delta-racecar2 Lotus-sunbeam M5-bmw Manta mini mk1 capri mk1-golf mk2-fiesta mk3-capri mx5 Nova Nova-Saloon porsche-944 racing-mini vauxhall-chevette Volvo-340


Once we had had our fill of the hill we wondered around the club stands. Some of the cars on show were beautiful classics that has been modified to help amplify an already amazing car. There were of course some that were a little tatty and some that were damn right pap, but that is just IMO.

Anyway, here is my dump of pics from the club stands on Sunday. Any requests for larger versions just leave a comment.

16v-on-bike-carbs 20v-bbm-mk2-golf 20v-scirocco 2000-bmw Beatle-chassis-mk1-Golf celica e28-bmw E30-M3 Hotrod-pickup Lancias mercedes-190e porsche-964

Here is a Video from the day made by In  Motion Media. Check out their FB page here.


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