Jetta Parked in the Dry

Mk1 Jetta Build – Strip Tease

It has taken me a little longer to update this blog this time around, and not because I am being a lazy git again (though that is the usual reason), it has been due to me being in hospital for the last week with appendicitis (poor me).

Anyway, I am back at home now and ready to update everyone on the progress made on the Jetta over the weekend.

After getting the Jetta to the farm the weekend before there was no time to waste getting all the parts out from inside the old girl and working out exactly what Chriz had left me with.

Unloading all the parts that Chriz had collected to fit the Mk1 made me think the car was more of a bargain than I already thought it was, with inner front wings, both sills, front wings, bonnet, rear wheel arch repair panels and loads more all in there.

Jetta Spares Jetta Spares 2 Jetta Spares 3 Jetta Spares 4 Jetta Spares 5 Jetta Spares 6

As well as all of the above parts, there was a little bit of water in the foot well from the rain in the week…

water in the foot well

After getting all the parts in order and packing up a load of the bits not needed for the initial welding, we moving the car over into the garage (nice and dry for welding) and we planned the attack.

Jetta Parked in the Dry

The decision was made that the front inner wings would come first, so I needed to work out how I wanted to do this. Now, you probably have no idea what I mean, but this would map the rebuild of the whole car. Either we could just cut out the rusty bits and weld in the repair panels, or we could strip all the inner wings of all sealer, cut out any bad bits and then weld in repair parts.

As much as I want to drive the Jetta already, and taking the full strip approach would mean the build would take longer, it was decided that we would do it all properly and the sealant stripping began (as Adam retired into the house with a handover).

So, here is the before and afters for the drivers side inner wing,

mk1 Jetta inner wing before

mk1 jetta inner wing after

And here is the passenger side inner wing after the strip

Jetta inner wing with small patch

Here is the first repair patch in too 🙂

inner wing repair

The patch still needs a bead running around the weld lines again and grinding back, but it is getting there (same on the other side too).

Of course, to get the inner wings this clean we had to remove the front struts, which were in pretty good condition (giving them back to Chriz for his white mk1),

Mk1 Jetta Front Suspension Coilovers

After having stripped the front wings down for Adam to cut and weld up, Lau and I decided to strip out the rest of the interior (minus the dash) to carry things on.

Rear seats out

Front seats out


With the seats out we also removed the carpets and sound proofing (which was dripping wet and falling apart).

No carpets

At this point on Sunday my stomach was hurting quite a lot so we stopped for the weekend (later to go to A&E :S ). Adam was also getting bored of welding the rusty Jetta and decided to make a fuel tank for his trike and ride it around lol,

Adam on his trike

While I was laying on the sofa in pain, Lau cleaned up one of the sun visors to see the difference. I think it came out like new,

Mk1 Jetta Sun visor

There will be more progress over the next few weeks as Adam gets the welding on the front started , but I will have to hold off on any more work on the car until I am all healed up. I guess I’ll have to get on eBay and buy some bits instead lol.

More coming soon.


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