Dave's New Jetta

New VW in the Family

It’s been a little while since I have bought a new car to play with, and with the Rocco being off the road (and in need of some TLC) I started looking around for something interesting. Then, a good friend decided a much loved project was not going to get finished and put up a ‘feeler’ for selling. I bit his hand off with the promise of making her good as new and a deal was struck.

Since agreeing on a price and having a look at the current condition of the car a couple of weeks have gone by with me waiting for a free weekend to pick the car up. Today was pickup day and I was like a child on Christmas morning.

After having arranged a friend of a friend to come and help with a trailer I picked up my bro-in-law at 9.30 to get to the car for 10am. After driving right past the turning and having to turn around and drive back we finally go there for exactly 10am.

The car was down a steep drive with no battery and rust fuel lines. As the only car that could tow was towing a trailer already we had to find a way of getting the non-starting car up the drive before getting it on the trailer. Lucky enough for us the previous owner had looked after the old girl and had started the car up not too long ago. Knowing there was a pretty good chance the car would start we grabbed a jerry can and a jump pack and crossed our fingers. Sticking the fuel line in the jerry can after poring some fuel directly into the 1.3s carb, it only took a couple of almost starts for the old girl to fire into life. With some choke and some throttle the 1.3 jumped into life as if it had not been sat there for over 2 years.

The biggest problem was the Jerry can needed to be held in place to keep the fuel line in, so instead of wasting any time my bro-in-law jumped onto the front panel and held on for dear life. With Adam in the engine bay I reversed the car up the drive and out onto the road making sure to carry some extra speed so as not to get stuck on the peak of the drive entrance).

After the car was on the road with the hard bit out the way it was just a case of getting the car on the trailer. With a little lining up and a bit of bending of the front valance (sorry Chris) the old beauty was on the trailer and ready for the trip to her new home.

So, I have written all of that without saying what I have actually bought. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, so…

Dave's New Jetta

My new 1981 MK1 Jetta 1.3 :)


Daves new Jetta Front Valence

Dented and bent front valance

Daves-new-Jetta-rust2 Daves-new-Jetta-rust3 Daves-new-Jetta-rust4 Daves-new-Jetta-rust5 Daves-new-Jetta-rust6 Daves-new-Jetta-rust


Some passengers along for the ride.

As you can all see, it is a Mk1 Jetta with a little 1.3l carbbed engine in. It needs some welding (as you can see from the pictures) and some general TLC.

There are some big plans for the old girl, including transferring all of the good bits from the Rocco and getting a respray (not sure when or what colour, but it will happen 🙂 ).

Let me know what everyone thinks, and any suggestions for mods in the comments 🙂


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