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Uber Car Face Off

Ever wondered which would win between a rabid badger and a rabies ridden squirrel? Well, I haven’t you complete weirdo. Anyway, if you are even in the slightest bit more normal and you love all things motoring, will will have probably thought at some point, “I wonder what would win in a drag race between…

The Perfect Use For A Spoiler

These days, a car with a large spoiler is often dismissed offhand as being ‘chav’ or ‘barry’, even when the car came out of the factory with said spoiler (i’m looking at you Evo’s). Well, fear not, as there is a new use for massive spoilers that is so awesome you can’t help but love…

ford capri rally crash

Shocking Ford Crapi Crash Video

Watch this shocking crash video of rally driver George Miedecke and co-driver Daniel Willson missing a corner at 140mph and plunging into Tasmania’s Huon River 8 meters below. The crash was at the Targa Wrest Point Rally and saw Daniel Willson taken to hospital with a  suspected fractured vertebrae, and Miedecke escaping with only minor bruising.  

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