Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato Sanction II in Auction

On Saturday someone very lucky could be the new owner…

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Tom Conkright’s 1970 Pontiac Firebird

Tom Conkright is the owner and mind behind the below…

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Cutout-n-Keep – Scissors Need Not Apply

Spotted this video while wasting time today. Though it was…

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Bil Baldwin – Balls of Steel, Beard of a Man

Flag marshal Bil Baldwin at Formula Drift Long Beach has become some…

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The Perfect Use For A Spoiler

These days, a car with a large spoiler is often…

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StanceWorks HRE Vintage Series Video

I know I am from the past with this one,…

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Car of the Week – Supercharged Mk1 Fiesta

Why visiting the Retro Rides forum today I stumbled across…

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New Audi RS5 Coupe Video

It would seem that Audi are gearing up to release the new…

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ford capri rally crash

Shocking Ford Crapi Crash Video

Watch this shocking crash video of rally driver George Miedecke…

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McLaren F1 2012 MP4 27

New 2012 F1 Cars

Its that time of year again when all of the…

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GSXR Engined Beetle HotRod

GSXR Powered VW Bug HotRod From the US

While mincing around Google+ (SWDubs Google+ Page 🙂 ) I…

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Legendary Hot Rod Designer Chip Foose Loves MK2 Golf

Who would have thought that the legendary Hot Rod designer…

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