Oct 112012

Spotted this video on Facebook today and had to write a short video post about it. The video tells the story of Jeff Gerner (that’s G.E.R.N.E.R) and his obsession with risk taking. His obsession has taken him to the Bonneville salt flats in a 1100BHP Audi urS4 to try and become the fastest.

Its a good little video showing one mans love for speed and risk and what can be achieved once life has stopped getting in the way.


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Oct 012012
Mk7 Golf GTI

Volkswagen are looking to debut the new VW golf at the upcoming Paris Motor show (now).

The VW stand will have the normal and GTI cars out on show and hopes to woo crowds with the new updates to safety and speed.

The new Mk7 Golf GTI will see a 10PS power increase from the current Mk6 golf GTI (220PS) coming from a similar 2.0l turbocharged unit up front. The main change is that the GTI will be offered from the dealer with a ‘performance pack’ extra option, that will give you an extra 10PS (taking that to 230PS) and with bigger brakes and a ‘front axle differential lock’ (a LSD from the factory!?). There are some other technological advances for the new Mk7 GTI, but I am not really bothered (reduced weight, new safety systems and a variable ratio steering system).

For me the car looks good, but there is not a great deal of difference from that of the Mk6 (from the outside) and the power increase is not that great. I really liked how the Mk6 drove, and the PR piece from VW does not mention whether the new Mk7 will be built on the same good chassis or whether they have started from scratch. Here are some performance figures,

The new Golf GTI Mk7, with 220 PS has a zero to 62 mph time of 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 153 mph; add the performance pack and maximum power rises to 230 PS, top speed to 155 mph, and the sprint time falls to 6.5 seconds.

Mk7 Golf GTI

Mk7 Golf GTI

Mk7 Golf Back
Mk7 Golf Back

Mk7 Golf Interior
Mk7 Golf Interior

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Aug 132012

The Audi Motorsport Blogspot blog is a great resource for up to date race info and cool retro race from the good old days of Audi rallying and racing. One of the most recent posts on the clog looks at the epic battle at Pikes Peak in 1987, complete with the below video showing coverage of the event.

Audi Quattro Pikes Peak

As well as including the two main stars of the post, the video had shots of some of the other cars of the year running up the hill, invluding the legendary Lancia S4, the Metro 6R4 and even a twin engined mk2 Golf of the time.

The real stars of the video are the Audi S1 and the Peugeot 205. Both showing why they are now considered to be some of the best rally cars ever built and showing what pure power the cars had at the time.

Once the dust had settled, the mighty Audi S1 was the one standing victorious, but hell was it a good fight.


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Aug 102012

I know I am pretty late to  the party, but I thought a post about the new-ish phenomenon of PlstiDip and the cool shit that you can do with it.

For those of you who have no idea of what I am on about, PlastiDip started off as a hard wearing plastic coating product for general use. recently a couple of guys from the US decided to created a spray gun for the product to make it easier to spray different items to give a cheap, wrapped finish. The products have evolved, as have the things that are sprayed, so much so that the guys from http://www.dipyourcar.com regularly spray whole cars.

PlstiDip has become so popular for a number of reasons, but mainly its due to its relative cheapness compared to vinyl wrapping, and the finish that can be achieved in a relatively small amount of time.

PlastiDip Scoobie

Here is a video from the guys at DipYourCar with their new spray gun and tips on spraying your whole car.



There are obviously going to be some drawbacks from using PlastiDip over the more expensive wrapping technique. I have heard reports of the PlastiDip being a little frail, with people ‘leaning on doors’ and the plastic coating coming off.

I will be trying the stuff out on some bumpers, but I am still not 100% sure on a whole car.

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Jul 242012

The story of Gunther Holtorf is truly amazing. for the last 23 years Gunther Holtorf has been on a 500,000+ mile road trip and is still traveling the world today.

Back in 1989, when the Berlin wall fell Gunther and his wife decided to take their Mercedes G Wagon on a 18 month tour of Africa, only to keep on exploring the world including destinations such as Brazil, Paris, Mount Everest, Cuba, Northern Iraq (during the war, naturally), Hollywood, Kazakhstan, Alberquque, the Caribbean, lots of Africa…

Gunther Holtorf 500000 miles trip, Everest

More details of Gunther’s tour can be found on the BBC site. Here is a video featuring some of his trip and some of his amazing photos.

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