About Us

Swdubs was started in 2003 by a group of like minded VW enthusiasts in the South West who wanted to have a place to get together and have a laugh online. Since then the site has grown into a casual, friendly place to come and talk about cars and life in general.

The site has grown quite large over the last few years, but the atmosphere within the forum is still laid back and as friendly as ever, no matter what car you own. Even after the forum died in 2009 and all of the user and post data was lost, the forum was soon back up and running with even more members. Swdubs is what it is because of the members in the community, so we thank you all.

This blog has been set up to cover all of the interesting topics and finds talked about on the site and to generally talk crap about whatever we think is interesting.

The authors are:

  • David Tapp
  • Joe Ford

If you are interested in sending us a guest post about anything interesting, just send us an email at davejtapp@googlemail.co.uk

Cheers and happy reading.

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